“I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.”

Friday, May 29, 2015

Hello everyone! I wanted my first blog post to be about my plans for what I will be sharing on my little space of the internet. I'm excited to finally start this blog and to share my plans with you!

First off, my name is Sarah and I'm living in the Midwest with my husband Dustin and our four legged baby, Gizmo. I wanted to create this blog to share my interests with all of you and hopefully connect with people that have the same interests.

The reason why I'm blogging is I want to share my vegan journey with family, friends and of course anyone curious to read my blog. I want to show people it is easy to be vegan and you aren't losing anything and can still have unlimited choices for food and beauty products among other things. In the future I would like to make a blog post explaining my choice to be vegan and how far I've come from the beginning. I also would like to share my love for movies, music and books.

Here I will be blogging about anything and everything to do with being Vegan. From recipes, to beauty products I love, causes I love and support, and to be here if anyone has any questions about the Vegan lifestyle. I will also be sharing movies I've watched, books I've read, music I'm listening to, being out in nature and everything in-between.

I'm hoping this information will help you get some idea of what I'll be blogging about and if you'd like to be a reader. I would love to hear feedback from all of you. Feel free to leave a comment on my posts, email me with any questions or contact me on social media. I encourage feedback of any kind, it is appreciated. Thank you for stopping by and reading!

-Sarah xo 

* Blog post title is a quote from Edgar Allan Poe.